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“I’ve lived in Macon almost 32 years. And, I grew up in Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C. area. So, I am very much a city girl. So, I came to Macon and was shocked. I had never been here before, was a newlywed, and desperately missed the city.


So, it’s been a long process over the last almost 32 years, but absolutely am beyond excited what’s happening downtown…especially what’s started happening in the last five years. Uh, I work downtown at Theatre Macon; I’m the theatre manager there.


And, I rode my bike to work today. I live in the Vineville neighborhood. So, it’s an easy bike commute.


And, as a matter of fact, on my way home, I will just ride my bike up the hill and stop at Just Tap’d where I am meeting a friend for a beer. And, so I’m really enjoying having a more authentic city experience and city lifestyle, which is really important to me.


And I, I just can’t say enough about what I like, what I am seeing, what’s happening downtown. And obviously, it’s a big help to have the additional loft developments and actual places for people to live.


Because when we first moved to Macon, we did live in InTown, right off of Coleman Hill and re-did an old house there. And only moved a little further away from town because we needed a yard, when the children started coming. But, could never, ever imagine living anywhere farther away from town than we do right now, which is only about two miles.


Having more people living downtown…there’s now a critical mass. It’s really exciting to see people walking around downtown, people sitting outside at restaurants and bars. There’s just life! It’s just come alive. And, and, and life breeds additional life. I love nothing better on a Sunday afternoon, I do a big ride with a group of women, and we end up at Just Tap’d and order a beer.


I’m German, so my background is very European. That’s what we do in Europe. We ride; we stop; we have a beer. And to be able to have that in Macon…I never thought would happen…so I’m pretty excited.


Macon…The joke between my husband and I has been for 32 years: This is the perfect setting for the emperor’s new clothes because the town has always been really anxious to follow whatever the cool thing is that’s happening.


But, I think Macon has developed. I mean it has matured beyond that due to this downtown core of younger people, of more open-minded people, of more people who come from the outside. You know, it’s a less incestuous type environment, much more so than it ever has been.


Theatre’s just fabulous. I’ve been involved with Theatre Macon for at least 10 years now, on the stage, off the stage.


Can’t say enough about Jim Crisp. I mean, he was absolutely one of the, the pioneers, so to speak, of the downtown experience. Well, it’s been 31 years for Theatre Macon…There was nothing downtown. I mean, people told him he was crazy to open a theatre downtown.


I just love that I’m out doing my errands, my theatre-related errands, and I’m on my bike!”

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