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“We moved in here in ‘82 and bought the building in ‘83.


I’m so glad I am downtown. I’ll tell you that.

The walk-bike traffic we get here. People’ll come in sometimes and spend 2- or 3,000 dollars. We say, ‘How did you hear about us?’ ‘Oh, we were just walking by.’


Yeah. And I tell everybody: Downtown is the safest place in Middle Georgia, in Macon. It is.


So, in 1974, my husband Brian Blair, Commander Blair, retired after 28 years in the Navy. And, we met a year later in ‘75. And we were out on Broadway, literally a little whole in the wall, selling used furniture.


So, about 1976-77, we started going to the Atlanta Furniture Mart and started going to auctions and buying different things and then met lotsa different wholesalers. So, when we first moved into downtown at 401 Cherry Street, uh, we were there from ‘77. And then we moved into our Third Street building in ‘82 and bought this building in ‘83, W.T. Grant 10 Cent Store building.


So, yeah. And then we gradually were growing out of the used furniture business into new. And then we had tools, toys…before the dollar stores and Wal-Mart and such. We just grew it from there.

In ‘94, we bought the Joseph N. Neel building. Put nicer furniture in over there. So, there’s two big stores. One’s 30,000 square feet; one’s about 60,000 square feet. And, yeah, I am so glad that I am downtown. I think downtown’s, we’re really on a roll now.


I would not have done the Blair Loft building if I didn’t think we were really growing.


We’ve been in business for 43 years. Back in the ‘70s and ‘80s, everything was, like, Queen Anne, Oak, and Cherry…black and brass. Now, all the fun, contemporary furniture with the great colors…and with the loft apartments downtown, we’re having a lot of people coming and buying the cool, contemporary furniture. So, it’s fun.


Whew, boy. I never thought I would develop a building. We bought it in the early ‘90s. We had used it for storage…but, it was so ugly.


It has been full. It’s been a great project. I’m very proud of it. I love all of my tenants. They’re just top notch. Yeah.


I’m just proud that I had the wherewithall to do the project. I had some good people helping me along the way.


We’ve been a fixture downtown since 1977…a fourth generation with our customers. We don’t mark prices up…we just have a following of customers.


Oh gosh, this is the greatest place in Macon, Georgia to live. The arts, entertainment, restaurants, river walk, biking. It’s great, great for the children…you can get out. It’s a community down here. We have a community watch program going.


It’s fun! Come shopping! Shop ’til ya’ drop!”

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