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Well, I would have to say my kids are my greatest accomplishment. I’m really proud of them as human beings. I’m proud that they still seem to like us, and they like each other.


It goes too quick.


…when we first knew we were coming to Macon, of course, was the phrase “Deep South.” And, not quite clear what that meant, because coming from Texas, you’re only Texas. You know and people north think that south is anything…Texas and Georgia…would be very similar…not true.


So that was, that was quite a change for us to come to Georgia. Plus we’d been in Texas for 17 years, in Waco. So, but when we came here we were just amazed at how beautiful it was.


And, in particular, you know you did hear people going, ‘Why would you move to Macon?’


And, we found Macon charming and beautiful from the very beginning. We were amazed at how many nice neighborhoods there were.


As it turned out, we live in campus. But, we didn’t have to live there.


But we were really excited that we could be on campus, be close to downtown, be in this area. Now, we’ve seen a lot of changes for the good since we’ve been here.


And, one of the biggest changes is this park.


And we have never felt…we love being here, and it’s hard to imagine being anywhere else.


No sharing quirks. Then he might want to share one of mine, and we don’t want to do that.


I fear for the world, in general, at times. But that can sort of paralyze ya, to a point, when you feel helpless to make some of those changes.


So, you have to work on small things in your area, I think, and be open to hearing new ways to handle things.


I’m pretty open, I’m pretty open to just about anything, really. You know, if some opportunity came that was where we needed to be, then I’d be open to that.


I’m glad to be here, and I’m glad that people are understanding and figuring out what a fun place Macon is.


I think we have to be open minded to do things differently, especially in a city with people who’ve been here for generations, it’s easy sometimes to sorta go ‘Oh, we haven’t tried that before.’


And, I think, ‘Well, let’s do it.’


‘Cause if it doesn’t work you try something else.


If you don’t try then you’ll never know.


Oh, Lord. I probably can’t talk about that. I’m not really that crazy. In college, we snuck out in the middle of the night and painted a, a statue that was in the middle of campus. But, it was sort of a tradition. But, you still got in trouble if you go caught. Oklahoma Baptist University. But, I didn’t get caught.”

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