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Megan & Josh

Megan: We both wanted to live in an old house, with character. I mean, do you want to be honest?

Josh: I had had it for a while, uh, since ‘03. And then so, I think we just wanted to, you know, move downtown, get to where things were going on. And we also wanted to set out and get a house and leave the one that I already had in the past.


Megan: We wanted to start something that was ours.


Josh: We just wanted to have a house that we, you know, purchased together.

Megan: And this is, like, ours. And it feels like ours.


Josh: That’s why we moved.


Megan: As soon as we walked into this house that we have downtown…now the price was, we had to do some finagling. It was just meant to be. But, as soon as we walked in, it was like, ‘This is our house.’

It is the coolest.


Josh: It’s just open and…


Megan: You walk in, and there is so much light. You think it would be fancy ‘cause it’s old…but I love that house.


Josh: We love being within walking distance to here, to the studio.


Yeah. We walked the other night to the Rookery to get a milkshake and walked home.


Megan: We lived a mile north of here, and…Being downtown, working downtown, or InTown…it’s like…it’s the connection.


Josh: With her, trying to build a yoga community, that of course involves everyone in town, but especially kind of the people that are close by, it would be really tough to be 100%…not necessarily committed. But, you know when you talk to people that live down here…it’d be hard to have that same connection with people if we lived in, uh, Providence.

You know what I’m sayin’? It just feels like. I don’t know. It just feels like it is, it was just meant to be kinda…the right place for us to be for what you wanted to build down here.


Megan: It definitely was meant to be. When we decided we were gonna stay here and live in Macon, we were like, ‘Well, we’re not just gonna live in Macon.’

We wanted to put roots down in Macon and not just with our home, but add to Macon with this studio. ‘Cause, for a long time, I was like, ‘I don’t want to live in Macon. I want to get out of Macon. I don’t feel like Macon’s alive.’ You know, you go to a big city and it feels alive. Do you know what I mean?

And, that changed about, I don’t know, five or six years ago. It started feeling more alive. And the downtown community is so vibrant and alive. And people want to be here.


And you know that had a huge part to do with what changed our minds about building a studio here and staying in Macon.


Yoga, I know it’s been here for a while.


I want to spread yoga. I think it heals your body. It makes me tear up. Every time I talk about yoga, I get emotional. Every single time.


It totally saved my life. It did. What?


Josh: I just feel like the yoga community, in general, is almost a little unique in the interaction that happens with people. You know, people come here, and they meet people. And then they start to connect with people that live, you know, five doors down from them.


It’s just almost like helping build some centrifugal force to the growth of downtown. It’s connecting people with themselves, but also connecting people with the people close to ‘em.


Megan: Our focus is here. Growing. Building. Getting people that don’t…It shocks me how many people are downtown that don’t know about this studio.


There’s always, always work to do and always people to…Not just people to know about Sparks but people to know about yoga. ‘Cause I truly believe in it and the power of healing.


Well, I mean, I started doing yoga ‘cause I ran for so long and my body started breaking down. But that basically, physically, that’s why I started doing yoga. But then…that’s why I started going to classes and started teaching, because I was doing social work and needed a balance to the crazy social work life.


And then, once I started doing both, I just noticed how therapy is yoga; yoga is therapy. They’re the exact same thing. People believe it’s for the physical, but it’s not. It’s for the the mental and emotional, as well.

I feel…like, if people people did more yoga, they wouldn’t have to go do so much therapy. And they, social work and yoga blended together so well.


And, ultimately, I’m gonna put this out there…’cause then it will happen.


I have one test to take, and then I have my license to be a licensed therapist. And so, ultimately, my, uh, not even long-term, like my five-year plan is, uh, to make part of this a therapy…to blend  yoga and therapy together and do both.


And I am putting it out there because Josh has been asking me to do this for years, and if I put it out there, then it’s there.


Josh: Yeah, let’s put it out there. Well, yoga therapy is a real thing.


Megan: It’s a real thing, it just hasn’t made it’s way down here yet. But, it will. And I want to be on the forefront of that.


Josh: I shoulda been a doctor.


Megan: That’s ridiculous.


Josh: No it’s not.


Megan: It’s so true. What? You woulda…I mean, you would have been a great doctor, but…


Josh: Yeah. I should have.


Megan: [I regret that] I didn’t do this earlier. I went through the first part of my life not having a clue what I wanted to do with my life.


But, that’s how you have to get here.


Josh: Okay, so I want go back and scratch my biggest regret. I should have moved to Nashville.


Megan: When we got married, I wanted to move to Nashville.


Josh: No. I’m talkin’ about 20 years before I met you. I should have moved to Nashville.

Megan: Okay. Well, then we never would have met, and none of this would be here.


Josh: Now, I’m glad because of what, everything that…you know, you don’t want to change life. But, if I look back on it, I do wish that I had stuck with it [the music] for longer than I did.


Megan: It’s not over, though.


Josh: No, it’s not over. There’s some good things going on there. There are some possibilities going on.


I love when I’m talking to people that are musicians. I love tellin’ them that I’m from Macon, because it’s always great conversation. ‘Oh really, good grief.’ You know?


I love that the music scene is coming back, too; it’s really startin’ to bustle again. Mainly ‘cause of people live the Cox and, you know, and the Auditorium. You know. They get good bands, good talent.


It’s nice bein’ able to tell people you’re from Macon. It’s always been a great influence. It really has.


How many people can say, you know, that they recorded three records at Capricorn Studios? You know what I’m sayin’?


Megan: You recorded three records at Capricorn Studios? What? I didn’t know that.


Josh: Mmhmm. You want to know somethin’ cool? There were these old reverb chambers down in the basement of Capricorn Studios. And we shot a 38, recorded it, ran mics down there. Shot a 38 blank down in there for a gunshot that is in one of our songs.


Megan: What? I didn’t know that.


Josh: Mmhmmmm.


Megan: What song?

Josh: ‘Antebellum’ is what was called.


Megan: You know, I was a teenager. I went to Stratford, which was a great school, but it was small. And so, as soon as I could get out, I was like, ‘See ya’.’ And I went to the biggest university there was.

The only reason I moved back is ‘cause we went on a blind date. And, he hooked me.


Josh: Oh, I got the brunt of that for a long time. She was pissed that she was back here.


Megan: I came back for a few months to visit, and look what happened. I met him.


Now, I’m so proud to say Macon’s home.


Josh: ‘Meganisms’ make me laugh. I do remember Megan called me from Colorado, and she was upset because she had taken her dog, Harley, to the vet.


And, she was crying. She was like, ‘I just don’t know…they say he needs surgery.’ I’m like, ‘Well, what does he need surgery on on, babe?’ ‘He can’t see real good anymore, they say he’s got Cadillacs.’


Megan: ‘Sparks’ is a family name. And we were gonna name our first kid. And then, when we had a miscarriage, we decided this is a spark, a light in our life. It’s like a kid in that it means so much to us. So, we decided to name the studio ‘Sparks.’ Because of how it translates. Yoga is a light. Yoga is a Spark.”

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