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“We are absolutely loving it, I mean every aspect of living downtown.


Yeah, it was a huge decision to sell our home that we’ve been in for 27 years…raised our children in…they were all behind it, which was nice. And now that we’re here, they think we’re just the coolest things ever.


You know, I think the thing that I love the most are the people. It has just been…it has truly been life changing.


Well, it’s just so different…in our neighborhood…our home…was on a cul de sac, it was a very quiet street…all of the things that make it very desirable for raising children…and I didn’t realize how isolated I was.


You know, I got in my car every time I needed to do something. And I parked at the closest parking spot and ran into wherever I needed to run, and then I got in my car and went to the next place that I needed to run. All going about my business and running my errands, or whatever.


And, you know, if I ran into someone, they were all doing the same thing. And, if I ever did walk in my neighborhood, it wasn’t my favorite thing to do…but I didn’t see people. I saw people scoot by in their cars. It’s not like I saw my neighbors when I was out walking.


So, here, it’s just been delightful. I mean, I’m walking six or seven miles a day. People are like, ‘You’re the walker.’


‘Yep, that’s me!’


From the minute I get up in the morning, and I go out and I have my cup of coffee…and just watch the town wake up and watch people coming to work, that makes me happy. That’s a wonderful way to start my day.


And, then when I go for my walk, I see just so many different kinds of people. I see people I’ve known for years; I see new people every single day; I see relatively new people that I’ve met since I’ve been here…we’ve been here a year…and everybody in between…professionals, students, homeless people, construction workers, all the restaurant workers…just so many different people.


And they’re my friends. I have made a decision that if I pass someone more than about five times on a regular basis, I stop and introduce myself. That has just been a great thing.


You know, all of the restaurants that we go to, they’re like our family. I’m kind of mentoring one of the young girls that works at a restaurant. Her family is not here. She moved here when she was very young, and she has no family here. So she’s told us that we’re like her parents.


Just lots and lots of new people in our life. And it’s awesome.


I am not a people person. I am quite the opposite, or I have been. And now…I can’t stay inside more than two hours, ‘cause I want to be out there and see people. So, I’ll walk to the bank or walk to mail a letter or just walk.


Honestly, the older I get, I’m excited about change. I don’t want to be that person who is so stuck in her ways that she’s not willing to adapt and change and explore new things as I get older.


So, yeah. We just talked and prayed…

But when we decided to put the house on the market…it sold almost immediately…then we started looking…it was pretty easy to find this spot. We just felt like God had this for us.


I have never once felt unsafe.


For one thing, there are just so many people out. And I see a policeman about every block as they drive by. And the people are just great.


You know, I try not to dwell on fears. My hope is in the Lord, and I don’t worry about things very much.


I think I have every reason to have hope because of that relationship.

What would I tell my 20-year-old self?


We were married very young…had five children, never regretted it. Very hard, very hard to do all that, but… I would say:


‘Just hang on…it is all going to be okay. It’s all going to be better than okay. It’s going to be really great. You’re gonna make it.’


I was successful raising my children, and that was my job. And, you know, my children were not and are not perfect…


But, we all love each other…and we love being together.

That’s been my greatest success.


One of my favorite things to do is bake for people…and I occasionally…either have extra or make extra…so I take ‘em out and share with some of the guys that are workin’ up the street…and it just makes me happy.


There are several little secrets…When you cut it, the biscuit dough, you never twist the biscuit cutter. You just pull it up. Because if you twist it, it can seal the edges, and they don’t rise as much, and they’re not as flaky.


That’s another thought…[opening a bakery]…that would make me happy, too.”

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